Health Affairs Blog: Mark Leavitt “not magical just practical”

Health Affairs Blog: Health IT Initiatives: Not Magical, Just Practical

Thoughtful quasi-blogpost* from Mark Leavitt, MD, who is also the Chair of the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT). In the post, Mark very nicely acknolwedges the number of dedicated volunteers in the CCHIT process – I know from experience that this group is working hard and is very talented (way more than I am).

*the quasi part is that I notice that the Health Affairs blog appears (to me anyway) as more of a Web 1.0 publication with comments, than a blog in the spirit of blogs. It might be nice to tweak the HTML title tags a bit for easier embedding into other blogs, and maybe shorter, more personal posts, in the spirit of blogging. I think Health Affairs has been on the leading edge to adopt the blog format in the first place to be sure, now perhaps they could go a little farther to support interaction with the people in health policy in a more behind the curtain way…

Ted Eytan, MD