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My Thoughts on Emoji Recently Added, v11.0, without #Transvisibility, without full #LGBTQ inclusion

I wrote this probably-cryptic tweet, that I would follow up on in this blog post.

Version 11.0 of Emoji has been released, link below.

Still no inclusion of transgender or intersex symbols, or the transgender pride flag.

We knew these symbols wouldn’t be included this round, because our proposal, submitted in July, 2017, and then re-submitted in December, 2017, was returned with questions, which we’re in the process of answering:

A few thoughts about gender equality and respect in the 21st Century

I recently finished Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In (I know, 3 years behind the rest of society, posting on that later), at the same time I participated in a historic (in my opinion) creation of Workplace Guidelines Pertaining to Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Employees.

I had these thoughts as I was given an opportunity to co-lead (with an excellent leader who happens to be a woman) an introduction to this topic:

Reading the comments and writing some. Thoughts on ending transphobia

“Never read the comments” is what people say about articles online that cover LGBTQ and specifically transgender issues.

What they mean, often correctly, is that the biased and unloving statements they may see will trigger negative feelings and reminders that we live in a world that is still learning to love better.

We shouldn’t have to see those comments, though, because they shouldn’t be allowed in the first place.

Just Read: How to Bias and Debias your readers around LGBTQ patients at the same time

Great and novel study in Jama Dermatology (@JamaDerm) on the association of skin cancer and indoor tanning in sexual minority women and men.

The editorial published along side it is even more important.

I’m bummed out by the image that the journal chose to adorn the web site and email message to advertise it. I was actually taken aback when I saw it in my email box.