Pew Internet : Participatory Medicine

  • Pew Internet : Participatory Medicine – The latest data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project about participation on the Internet. Participatory medicine may become a more common idea thanks to the Web2 revolution.


How the heck do you find out about these things before we do at Susannah's home blog??

Good work. I suppose that question could be applied to all the reasons it's worth coming here.

—Seriously, the slide show you linked to is a really good framing of the concept and the realities of online health issues. Thanks.

Hey Dave,

It's the magic of having an RSS reader – do you have or use one?

Well, yeah, but it doesn't work worth beans for sites that it's not pointed to.

And then there's the matter of "so many blogs, so little time." I gotta get a job in this sector – this doesn't work as a third hobby! 🙂

(Speaking of which, wish me break-a-leg, metaphorically, for my currently-busiest hobby, as my chorus preps for Nashville July 4, where we'll compete in the world championships of men's barbershop harmony. I get a 30-second up-front cameo, so I'll probably be on the Jumbotron… lots of practicing to make my face as telegenic as possible!)

Ted, thanks so much for highlighting this talk at NIH. It was a fun presentation because we left as much time for questions as for our remarks. I'm hoping to find time to write up some of the Q&A on soon!

Ted Eytan, MD