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In response to ZDNet comments, yes, but who is going to regulate the EHR and PHR's in a free market economy? This is just an example, I like the layout of the ActveHealth PHR, my doctor uses the iMedem EHR, and my health plan offers the WebMD platform. What can I do to have all of these records synched so it is of use to me and my doctors?


Some ideas:

First step – ask your doctor. Did you ask them about this, and what did they say?

Next step – ask the people who pay for your health care about this.

In my case, I am the person paying for my health care right now, and when I made the decision to join Kaiser Permanente (which I just did, hooray), I remembered something one of our patients told us a few years ago. They said, "(Since using your system) I refuse to receive health care from a doctor that that is not accessible to me online." I've become that patient, too,

Post the responses here if you would?



Thanks for the ideas! My post was "just an example", however I have registered and checked out several PHRs. Unfortunately, my doctor still uses paper files, with no plans to update (but I am going to ask him again in July). I went to an ENT yesterday who tried to adopt an EHR last year, but they stopped (no reason given). My son's pediatrician has Medem's iHealth Record on his website, but when I called his office, his nurse was unaware of what it is, and assured me all of the record are kept on site in paper files.

The "EHR" offered by my health plan is a little sloppy, however all of my claims are posted (although some of the diagnoses are strangely wrong) but they do date back several years and over a few MDs, so there is value there to me. Medications also listed, but from a claims POV.

I echo your sentiments (and your patient's) that I would prefer a doctor with email access, who can post my charts, blood work etc… online for me to review – like Group Health and Kaiser. My cholesterol and sugar levels have been a little up and down over the last 14 months, and I would love the ability to track from my blood work.

I am seriously thinking about joining Hello Health and have emailed Dr. Jay about it, but I do not live in Brooklyn, and (I don't think) they take my insurance – so I might just have to wait until Connecticut doctors catch up to innovation.

I read a blog yesterday that suggested the government come in and pay for every practice to update to EHRs, since it will save money in the end. Perhaps that day will come? Each company with a EHR can bid, and the government decides which one to use for those practices opting to be government sponsored? I this in line with the CHCF's sponsorship of EHRs?



Ted Eytan, MD