Photo Friday: Another Hockey Stick of Adoption; Arrange to Have a Great Boss; Water Towers from Empire State

For this week, I’ve chosen three photographs.

First is Mark Snyder, MD, The Associate Medical Director, Information Technology, for the Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic Region, showing a slide of the adoption of online booking of appointments by patients using the personal health record. I know his eyes are closed in this one, but just look at that hockey stick of adoption.

Mark Snyder and Online Appointing Figures

(I’ve got some photos with Mark’s eyes open that I’ll post separately)

The second photograph is of both of my bosses, James Hereford, MS, and Matt Handley, MD, along with my CEO, Scott Armstrong, and colleague Gerda Cunningham, RN, who came to Washington, DC, to support the Partnership for Quality Care, which is a “a coalition of over 1 million health care workers and nationally recognized providers caring for 50 million patients annually, is committed to bringing reform to our health care system that will ensure access to quality health care for every American.”

James Hereford, Scott Armstrong, Matt Handley

(Arrange to have a great boss. I have)

The third photograph is of my return to the Empire State Building, home to the United Hospital Fund of New York City, to talk about community planning around online patient access. I previously posted the same picture of the water towers of New York in another Photo Friday. This time it wasn’t snowing.

Water Towers, Not Snowing

(I’m convinced that New Yorkers can do anything)

Ted Eytan, MD