“I can ride a horse in here (Second Life)” – Great Patient Voice videos from Health 2.0

Scribemedia and the organizers of the Health 2.0 Conference have put the videos that they showed from the conference online. They’re terrific.

My favorites : A patient with reflex sympathetic dystrophy:, A patient with multiple sclerosis who can dance every night in Second Life

I think they’re moving from a patient, provider, and health system leader perspective. I especially enjoyed the one about chronic pain. We are taught in residency to support patients with pain by encouraging them to document their symptoms over time. Then we don’t give them tools to do it. Then we wonder why they didn’t document their symptoms. Then we ask them to document their symptoms. In the video I got the sense that bearing witness to one’s own symptoms is therapeutic in and of itself. Would I want this information brought into a consultation with a patient? Is it more important than asking if prescribed drugs were effective? Absolutely. See what you think.

Video will help the patient and consumer voice be heard in ways not thought possible before. Better health care will result.

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Thank you for sharing this. I am a user of Relief Insite and I never knew it had all those features that were shown in the RSD video. I too have RSD/CRPS. It is a great way to document pains and problems and successes – what worked and what didn't.

Again, thanks for sharing.


Ted Eytan, MD