Our National Webcast on using Toyota Management System In HIT and across the enterprise

I come from a leadership heritage that says, “help others be successful,” so I jumped at the chance to bring two great business partners (Karl Hoover, Executive Director of Quality&Informatics, and Lee Fried, Senior LEAN Consultant) together to conduct a national event on Group Health Cooperative’s work implementing the Toyota Management System across the enterprise. It was fun, and Lee and Karl are always great to listen to (as well to work with).

I attached two slides to the right which are around my contribution to the work, which dramatically changed the way we develop and maintain a statewide electronic health record with linked personal health record. The work was a lot of fun and very challenging at times (which is normal for a LEAN transformation, many peaks and valleys). I like challenges like this in what you learn about yourself in the process. One thing I learned about myself is that I am not afraid to work with people who are smarter than me (Karl and Lee as an example). It’s an attribute I have always looked for in other leaders, and I am happy I developed it, too.


Ted Eytan, MD