NPR “Talk of the Nation”

NPR StudioI just completed an appearance on NPR’s Talk of the Nation, on the topic of Do-It-Yourself Diagnosis on the Web.

I have only been on radio a few times before, and I have not been on NPR before – it was a great experience to walk down to the studio and see where the magic happens. The conversation itself was fascinating, and I think a great opportunity to demonstrate the transformation of the medical profession that is happening right before our very eyes. Medical groups like the one I am a part of, Group Health Permanente, have really evolved, through the use of the latest technology both by physicians and by patients. I think it’s a better way to take care of our patients. See what you think of the broadcast, and of course I welcome your feedback.


I enjoyed the NPR discussion regarding the Web and the patient-doctor relationship, and I appreciate your obvious commitment to meeting the patient at his/her points of need.

(I found you via a Google alert…thanks mentioning my little ZIP code site!)

Thanks, Mark, for the supportive words, and for the helpful Web site yourself!

I heard about your appearance on Talk of the Nation from a patient today. I listened to the archived discussion this evening. Thank you for articulating your views about this transformation in healthcare so well.

I hope you are enjoying your sabbatical working on the Patient Centered Health Information Technology Initiative (PCHIT).

Thank you Mary Beth! Your comment comes from one of my role models (you) who as an OB/Gyn, never hesitates to spend time explaining all of the options to your patients in whatever venue works for them (in person, the telephone, secure e-mail). You've done the same for an entire medical group. Thanks for listening and I hope you'll add your feedback along the way. – Ted

Ted Eytan, MD