Primary Care Information Project

The Year We Get Things Done
Yesterday, Neil Calman brought me to meet with the Primary Care Information Project Group to follow-up on work his team has been doing to leverage the Institute’s EHR to support public health. I was only briefly introduced to the work they are doing, but I will of course want to learn more. A Personal Health Record system is part of their plans. I was given a nifty Electronic Health Records Action Kit by the group, which puts together the rationale for going electronic very nicely.

There is not yet a personal health records action kit that I can see, but judging from the quality of the EHR kit, I think they’ll do a good job with this one when it’s produced. The team was very welcoming of new ideas and I was also impressed at their interest in understanding the EHR and how to leverage it to maximize the community’s health. It seems like a very nice partnership.

Ted Eytan, MD