January 2018, What Am I Doing Now?

This is my January Now Update based on a movement created by Derek Sivers

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2018.01.15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Parade, Anacostia, Washington, DC USA 2334
I ❤️ the future. #Transvisibility @CapitalPrideDC @CapitalTransPride 2018.01.15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Parade, Anacostia, Washington, DC USA 2334 (View on Flickr.com)

Greetings from Washington, DC (of course) and welcome to my eighth now update.

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Why Doctors should meet patients (and each other) where they are: My intersection of #LGBTQ , #LCHF, and #LetPatientsHelp

  • Since November, plenty of time spent in and with the future. It’s why we’re here, in the capital of a world learning to ❤️ better.


  • Thoroughly enjoying the dc1968 project (@dc1968project), documenting an incredible year in our nation’s capital, that’s about a lot more than riots; things like the future being born.

  • Continuing the deep dive into nutrition, and trying to learn/unlearn appropriately. I previously looked into the impact of diets on the environment and found that I’ve needed to do some unlearning about what a sustainable diet is – which may not be 100% plant or 100% animal but somewhere in between. Now reading about diabetes remission and reversal & what we’ve taught…hint, some unlearning may be in store 🙂 .
  • Ongoing study of digital engagement in the 21st century. As I’ve been writing more about journal articles lately, I’m curious about altmetrics and ways to use them to understand research better.
  • Assisting in some education around safe and healthy facilities design for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. So pleased, by the way, that @NationalParkService is doing its part just steps from the @WhiteHouse

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PS. Brand new signs in the restrooms at Lafayette Square (a national park), just steps from the White House. Go ahead, participate in society safely while you participate in democracy. You deserve it, because you’re human. Thanks @nationalparkservice for the #TransVisibility #SafeBathroomsDC and generally living in this century with us ✌️🤩🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 #GoAheadHaveADream Washington, DC USA

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Until next month.

Ted Eytan, MD