Thanks for publishing my photo UrbanTurf, and more data on DC’s advantages for Amazon

2017.09.17 H Street Festival, Washington, DC USA 8723
2017.09.17 H Street Festival, Washington, DC USA 8723 (View on

Thanks again, @UrbanTurf_dc, for using one of my photos to illustrate this piece.

It was taken at the recent H-Street NE Festival, in a place that’s undergoing tremendous change, as you can see from these photographs I took there last week (Photo Friday: New views of H Street, NE, Washington, DC USA)

Since the topic is about a new Amazon headquarters, I thought I’d supplement my last post on the differences between where Amazon is now and Washington, DC in these areas based on recently released data:


  • King County, Washington, car-free households: 9.7%
  • Washington, DC, car-free households: 37%
  • King County, Washington, walk-to-work: 4.7%
  • Washington, DC, walk-to-work: 12.9%


  • Washington State: % Transgender People: 0.62%
  • Washington, DC: % Transgender People: 2.7% (also #1 in the United States, 500% higher than New York or California)
  • Washington State, % LGBT People: 4.6%
  • Washington, DC, % LGBT People: 8.6% (also #1 in the United States)

Summary: More exceptional people who live exceptionally 🙂

UrbanTurf asked a few local industry experts for their thoughts as to how a new Amazon headquarters in the DC area would effect the housing market.Source: What Would an Amazon Headquarters Mean For DC Area Housing Market?

Ted Eytan, MD