August 2017: What Am I Doing Now?

This is my August Now Update based on a movement created by Derek Sivers

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2017.07.15 No Kings Collective 8 year anniversary block party Washington DC USA 7480
2017.07.15 No Kings Collective 8 year anniversary block party Washington DC USA 7480 #TransVisibility (View on

Greetings from Washington, DC (of course) and welcome to my fifth now update.

My Now (@NowNowNow) Profile is visible at Link: Ted Eytan, MD Profile on & the regular tweeting of it is a reminder to update….

  • I just returned from Low Carb San Diego, continuing my education in optimal nutrition, which for physicians is still very much a DIY process, with huge implications for our nation’s health. See my blog post: Adventures at Low Carb San Diego
  • I’m continuing to understand the impact of #TransVisbility in our society or the lack thereof (and in the process changing it, it’s what my generation of physicians does)
  • I thank that National Museum of African American History and Culture for their twitter dialogue with me about LGBTQ visibility. Responsiveness like this in the era of social media is wonderful.
  • Finished Mistreated by Robert Pearl, MD

Emojis for the future

The collaboration continues: Proposal submitted to Unicode, August, 2017 update.


  • Still reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss.
  • Began reading The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition by family medicine specialist colleague Mike Moreno, MD
  • Following up on the low carb adventures with deeper review of the literature
  • Going deeper in self-education on digital engagement and customer relations management (CRM). One word – trailhead. I think I like computers 🙂 .

And, this tweet:

My first real Washington, DC experience (or Bethesda adjacent…) was as a medical student at the National Library of Medicine informatics clerkship. During that time I taught myself perl programming (see comment about liking computers) and created a mini-expert system for preventive care services. I probably have the code for that project around here somewhere. This experience is responsible for bringing me, emotionally and ultimately physically, to Washington, DC, and I’ve never left.

It’s a special privilege to know the current Director, Patti Brennan, RN, PhD (@NLMDirector) and all of the ways she has championed a world learning to love better through her research and leadership.

The dream I had many years ago of a new generation of leaders shaping our society is coming true. That’s what I’m thinking about now.

Is there anything I should be doing that I’m not? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

Updated 2017.08.08 – Based on a movement created by Derek Sivers

Ted Eytan, MD