OpenNotes Project

OpenNotes Project – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded study on allowing patients to read physician notes.

There’s a nice 4-minute video on the home page discussing issues related to sharing medical records with their patients. Tom Delbanco, MD also was on a n IHI podcast regarding this project recently, it’s worth a listen. The podcast was great; Tom made a comment, though, about Group Health Cooperative‘s electronic After Visit Summary that was incorrect. It’s a good lesson to all of us that if you mention another organization that you are not affiliated with in an interview and what they are doing or not doing, we should double check our facts :).


Sometimes physician notes need to be transcribed for anyone to make sense of them. Who can read them? I respect doctors and the medical profession 100%, but what's so difficult about writing legibly? Even the president can scratch out something we can all read, so why can't my family doctor do the same?

Ted Eytan, MD