Sharing Test Results With Patients – Vanderbilt

Thank you to Jonathan Wald, MD, to pointing me in the direction of this video. It is about Vanderbilt School of Medicine’s patient portal, which in and of itself is impressive. However, the story about a patient finding an abnormality and changing the course of his care as a result is very impressive. See what you think. How would you like lab, radiology, and pathology test results delivered to you, and when?


Most interesting thing int he Vanderbilt video is the suggestion that the imaging result fell through the cracks and the only way the abnormality was identified was by the patient. A great patient safety story (if true) that demonstrates an important advantage of releasing imaging results to patients


Agreed (double thumbs up), and a courageous thing for Vanderbilt to tell this story. It's not uncommon across health care organizations, but folks are reluctant to admit publicly that it happens. Problems are gold,


Ted Eytan, MD