Health Care Renewal: JAMA Editors Try Attacking the Messenger


Okay, I'll bite – what's a post-peer-review world? Can you give me some persuasive word-cookie to pass along to people who think peer review is still what it takes to get credibility?

I'm serious – what are you seeing that a lot of people aren't?


We are already in the post-peer-review world. You experience it daily on the ACOR kidney cancer list. Much of the truly relevant information comes from sources such as this blog or from personal communications from online communities. There is no peer-review process involved here but the new system of user ratings. It allows imediate publishing stories like your important story about the current problems of EHRs/PHRs. In the peer-reviewed time, we would have had to wait 18 months to see that story.

That's why DeAngelis and JAMA represent a fast sinking whale. They are making themselves irrelevant faster than anyone else could have done, by rejecting true transparency and responsibility in this very sad story

Ted Eytan, MD