New Social Network: Medical Education Evolution

Medical Education Evolution – New Social Network on Ning devoted to improving medical education in the 21st Century, thanks to Jen McCabe Gorman for setting this up. Hosted on the Ning platform – if you are interested in reforming medical education please join.

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  1. Hi,

    MedGoline ( is a new social medical networking company, based in the

    Silicon Valley (California, USA). We are just about to launch in less

    than a couple of weeks. This startup was formed to address the needs of

    the society of knowledge proliferation within the medical segment.

    People can share and collaborate about their own experiences with

    medical products, ailments, services offered by doctors, hospitals,

    labs, etc within their neighborhood and other areas of their own


    We are building focused on building a healthy and knowledge environment

    with information not hidden from any body and data that users can seek

    before and after their medical endeavors.

    We would love for you to come and register with the site and contribute

    your knowledge in this environment and help people gain from this,

    creating a healthy society.

    Thank You

    MedGoline Team

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