Essay – Fed Up With the Frustrations, More Doctors Change Course –

  • Essay – Fed Up With the Frustrations, More Doctors Change Course – – I am sympathetic, and this is the reason I champion LEAN wherever I go – the processes we use in health care can be changed, and we can involve patients and our families so that everyone works together to be healthy. The challenge for physicians is that we are not trained at all in process improvement, so we usually enter environments with broken processes, and manage these situations with the training we have been given, which doesn’t lend to collaboration. See this blog entry for examples of extreme challenges in our medical education system today. I sometimes say that we’re all actors in a play that has a script we didn’t write. Let’s rewrite the script (patients and their families included).

    If anyone wants to collaborate on a medical student rotation looking at LEAN concepts / process improvement / patient centered care / respect for staff and customer, let me know. This presumes that there’s a medical school either teaching this or interested in this. Is there?


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