#TheWalkingGallery – The Film

The Walking Gallery from Eidolon Films on Vimeo.

Artist Regina Holliday’s “Walking Gallery” of healthcare stories and advocacy.

Filmed with a Panasonic AF100
Zeiss ZF.2 50mm, f2 Makro Planar
Lumix 20mm, f1.7

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5 thoughts on “#TheWalkingGallery – The Film

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    #TheWalkingGallery – The Film http://ow.ly/5ewU3 | | Ted Eytan, MD <– You'll be wanting to file this under #historicevent #hcsmglobal

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    RT @tedeytan: #TheWalkingGallery – The Film http://t.co/W0rZ4RT Wow! @reginaholiday — you are very special… what a historic event!

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    "The Walking Gallery" Real people, real stories — about the problems and issues they have with our health care… http://fb.me/AI1vGmTd

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    RT @tedeytan #TheWalkingGallery – The Film http://hisoc.us/mEq5ju

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    #FF #TheWalkingGallery @reginaholliday I've learned we don't wear our jackets, they wear us. @tedeytan thx for film http://t.co/T5bLsJi

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