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Happy Earth Day 1994-2014 in Meridian Hill Park: Drugs to Hugs

Happy Earth Day! 20 years yesterday, President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore visited the coolest park in the world, Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park (Photo Gallery (U.S. National Park Service)), in Washington, DC, where President Clinton gave his Earth Day address: William J. Clinton: Remarks on the Observance of Earth Day President Clinton described a » » » » on to the full article

Photo Friday: Happy 3rd, Happy 5th with Center for Total Health and Kaiser Permanente

This week’s photograph is a birthday/anniversary celebration. The 3rd Birthday – Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health @KPTotalHealth We made it to year 4! View Happy Birthday Center for Total Health 40179 on Keith (@KMontgomeryNDC) Yen (@YenGreene) Erin (@Erinm81) and I together represent the Permanente Medical Groups and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan partnership in » » » » on to the full article

Seeing the future 45 years later at the Brookings Institution: CHF and Payment Reform

When I was at the Brookings Institution ( @BrookingsInst @BrookingsMed )with fellow Permanente physician, cardiologist Priti Sood, MD, for MEDTalk: Treating Congestive Heart Failure and the Role of Payment Reform | Brookings Institution, this quote immediately came to mind: We believe any group of physicians, or a foundation working with physicians, can easily duplicate the » » » » on to the full article

It’s Just Chemistry: Healthier buildings can have less harmful chemicals, with Arlene Blum, PhD

View ‘Arlene Blum, PhD at the Center for Total Health 40189′ on We had the privilege of hosting a healthy buildings event (see: Healthy Buildings: Reducing Use of Harmful Chemicals | Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health) with our friends at US Green Building Council (@USGBC) featuring Arlene Blum, PhD  author, mountaineer, and founder of the Green Science » » » » on to the full article

Just Read: Need for a Non-Discrimination Statement to Protect the Health of the Transgender Population

A week ago, I received this communication from Keshav Tyagi, who’s an MPH Candidate at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine: Hi. I am an MPH student at the University of Southern California, and I am writing a paper about transgender health in the aftermath of the ACA. I was wondering if » » » » on to the full article

Rand Paul speech alludes to unconscious bias

I was impressed at this part of the transcript, widely broadcast today (i.e. I did not watch the speech, I don’t post things on this blog that are political in nature, and this should not be considered an endorsement for any candidate) which alludes to the challenge of unconscious bias in our society today, without » » » » on to the full article

Thanks for Publishing my photo and a comment: Assaulted with Google Glass

Reporter: “I was assaulted for wearing Google Glass” in San Francisco | Ars Technica View ‘Google Glass Explorer Exchange 36287′ on I’m always happy to have publications use my photographs, and this is no exception (they are all creative commons licensed). I just noticed the irony of the two uses this week, once about » » » » on to the full article