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Dollars for Docs – My totals

What We’ve Learned From Four Years of Diving Into Dollars for Docs – ProPublica. Of the hundreds of thousands of physicians who have received, 3.4 million payments totaling $4 billion from pharmaceutical companies, here are my stats: Number of times I’m in this database: 0 Number of payments I’ve received: 0 Amount of payments from » » » » on to the full article

Just Read: What physicians (and patients) need to know about Climate Change – JAMA

The facts: View Average Annual Temperatures Washington, DC 1871-2013 47670 on Similar trends can be seen for snowfall and precipitation, both trending down instead of up, in Washington, DC, with a whole host of livability and health effects that will result. Patz JA, Frumkin H, Holloway T, Vimont DJ, Haines A. Climate Change: Challenges » » » » on to the full article

Co-designing a health system for a future generation – Our Generation Y UnFocus Group

View GenY Unfocus Group – KP Digital Health 47626 on This week, in a most awesome way, turned out to be a fantastic bi-coastal collaboration between our sibling innovation centers, Garfield Innovation Center, where I was with its Director, Jennifer Liebermann (@JRuzekLieberman) earlier in the week (see: Through the eyes of interior architects: The » » » » on to the full article

Through the eyes of interior architects: The new Garfield Innovation Center + future of healthy building

View ‘GCNext – the New Garfield Innovation Center, Kaiser Permanente 47502′ on Adding to my repertoire of agents for good in producing Total Health, I have recently connected with the architecture community, since community colleague Scott Kratz ( @ScottKratz ), you know the person behind DC’s most awesome future bridge park (@DCBridgePark), asked for » » » » on to the full article

MakerDocsDC: Introducing doctors to green building and LEED at USGBC World Headquarters

The best part of MakerDocsDC this month, hosted at the US Green Building Council (@USGBC) World Headquarters in Washington, DC was when Matt Trowbridge, MD (@mtrowbr) and Kelly Worden, MPH(c) (@k_worden) asked the group if they knew what LEED was and very few raised their hands :). Teachable total health moment! View MakerDocsDC – US Green Building » » » » on to the full article

Photo Friday: A new view of the Shaw Neighborhood at Night, Washington, DC USA

View DC People and Places 47357 on This week’s photograph was taken from a vantage point that’s new to Washington, DC, from the top of O Street Market, in a part of the City that has gone unbelievable change in the last 5 years. See: O Street Market: Symbol of violence becomes a marker » » » » on to the full article

Speaking of e-waste: Where gadgets go to die | The Economist

The U.S. and China produce more total e-waste than any other country, according to a new map that tracks e-waste around the world.

Source:LiveScience Difference engine: Where gadgets go to die | The Economist. I happened to use the recycling of e-waste as an example in yesterday’s blog post (see: Just Read: Greening Health Care: How Hospitals Can Heal the Planet | Ted Eytan, MD), with the coincidence of this article in The Economist. What little is known » » » » on to the full article