Announcing my Retirement (from Kaiser Permanente)

November, 2019

Everything must either last forever or end at some point. There are only two options. Good endings are as important as good beginnings.

This is the announcement of my retirement from Kaiser Permanente, specifically, The Permanente Federation.

An innovator’s definition of “retirement”

As it has been said by modern thinkers, retirement should happen at multiple points in a person’s career, not at the end, with practice and mastery throughout. I have written on this previously: March 2017: What Am I Doing Now? #ADayWithoutTed and mini-retirement.

Therefore, “retirement” = leaving in the happiest, so glad I could serve kind of way. This is not retiring from the workforce, just one workforce …

I’m going to do something new because I can. I love change, continuous learning and unlearning, and being a part of and capturing the human spirit wherever I go:

My last retirement post was written when I began working for Kaiser Permanente (specifically, The Permanente Federation) in Washington, DC. It’s been a great several years. This is a fantastic organization and its members, nurses, doctors, and staff deserve the best. I will always support it and them.

I learned a ton* and affirmed every day that the πŸ₯› is 3/4 full πŸ˜€.

2019.11.16 Capital Pride Alliance Retreat, Washington, DC USA  320 94029
November, 2019 – Equality Equals Health πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ (View on

I’m leaving knowing that life is amazing and the future is as awesome as I thought it would be.

I’m going to continue blogging, staying in Washington, DC, and ….

(help me fill in the rest if you feel like it)

The usual taglines still apply:

  • I love this century
  • Love always wins
  • Equality Equals Health
  • The future has to start somewhere, and it’s usually here

* For people interested in specifics: implementation and operation of digital grass roots systems, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop finally!), enterprise digital engagement, social media communication, reporting and analytics, and business intelligence. Inquire for more…

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