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Photo Friday: Whether it’s #LGBTQ or #LCHF, Invisibility is so 20th Century

Invisibility was tried in the last century and it didn’t work. At all. This week’s photograph is actually a selection of photographs from the last week, because of all the reminders of what can happen when visibility is the norm.

I meet people regularly who are able to participate in society as their authentic selves now. At the same time, some of them, especially our youth, are still forced from their homes for being who they are, and violence is still directed at humans of all ages based on their identities.

In the world of nutrition, I also meet people regularly wha are able to participate in society as their diabetes-free selves, as well as their physicians, nurses, and dieticians who are supporting them. At the same time, as well, these professionals can feel isolated or marginalized because they believe in data over dogma.