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Slide Update: Few Americans are Vegetarian or Vegan, Explicit Weight Bias in Medicine Now Greater than LGBTQ, Recognition of the Authentic Human is the Best Success

I am in the 94 %. I have spent time in the 3 % or 5 % for short spans.

Metabolically healthy eating patterns can exist across 100% of the spectrum – with real food performing best and adjustments made for insulin resistance, as well as supplementation, in all categories, which can be done with medical supervision. Anything is better than the standard american diet (SAD), we know how that’s performing.

Slide Update: If you’re tied to dogma, what’s your interest in data?

Time for another slide update….

I have always been fascinated by the topic of conflict of interest, maybe because my generation of physicians was trained in an environment that was chock-a-block full of conflict, with no balance.

We now live in an era where there is more disclosure, however, it still happens in the background of discourse that is clearly influenced by it (the conflict).

These are some examples, along with some sage advice from Salim Yusuf, OC FRSC, Distinguished University Professor of Medicine, McMaster University, lead investigator of the PURE study.