Taking a closer look at National Nutrition Month 2021

2021.03.22 Ribeye Steak, Washington, DC USA 081 20202-Edit

2021.03.22 Ribeye Steak, Washington, DC USA 081 20202-Edit (aka, actual nutrition) – (View on Flickr.com)
National Nutrition Month - 19961996’s National Nutrition Month, when eating fat was a really really bad thing to do. Source: National Nutrition Month Overview

2021 seems to be the first year that National Nutrition Month caught my eye, maybe because this was the year posts showing non-nutritious food emerged so glaringly on places like instagram. You can search the hashtag here and see for yourself.

My review says there’s some very unhealthy substances in there. However/and, I’ve noticed a lot more unprocessed and low-carbohydrate options in there as well. I suppose the future is winning 🙂 .

Speaking of the past, I was interested in the history of the month, which you can access here. It reads like a veritable timeline of the hopes and wishes of the American people – to be healthy, to be normal weight, to enjoy eating.

I’ve made my own contribution to the month, which I’m posting below, and here. Let’s see what 2022 holds, now that we understand what metabolic disease did to our country during a global pandemic.

Ted Eytan, MD