Thanks for removing my photo from your website (after I terminated your license to use it) The Equality Act Takes Away Religious Exemptions | Patheos

Thanks for removing my photo from your website (after I terminated your license to use it) in “The Equality Act Takes Away Religious Exemptions” | Patheos

2019.05.17 May Is All About Trans Community Mixer, Washington, DC USA 5

2019.05.17 May Is All About Trans Community Mixer, Washington, DC USA 5 – (View on
Thanks for removing my photograph from your website, @Patheos.

It was used to adorn a blog post containing anti-LGBTQ, anti-human sentiments, which is strictly against the license granted to use my photography. I like to make a point of thanking people who use my images correctly (to celebrate humanity), as well as those who remove my images when they use them incorrectly (to teach the lesson of celebrating humanity).

I’m attaching the termination notice I sent, and their response(s). It impresses me how courteous people are when they do remove my images. It’s such a contrast to the attitudes they promote in their writing – my belief is that they know what they’re doing is anti-human. See what you think below.

License termination letter

Ahoy editors!

This is notification that the license to use my image as you’ve used in this post –

(URL Removed – don’t want to assist SEO πŸ™‚ )

is terminated, per the morality clause of Creative Commons, indicated in this case because of your anti-human, anti-LGBTQ, hateful speech. You are instructed to remove my image immediately from your blog post.

In addition, since your publication appears to continue to have challenges respecting other humans with relation to my work, license to use any of my images by you is terminated into perpetuity. Thus, whenever you encounter one of my images, know that you do not have license to use it.

At some point, should you join the rest of humanity in the 21st Century and understand that nothing is lost by affording all humans equal rights and/or to understand science, biology, nature, or religion, images like this will have a better place on your publication, but clearly not today.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


All the best,

Ted Eytan, MD MS MPH
Washington, DC USA

Response to me

The photo has been taken down. It will take 30 minutes or so for this to show up. Sorry.

Response back to Patheos


Apology accepted by me (although the world will be more accepting of you when you & patheos learn to love your fellow human beings).

In the meantime, my image still appears as the feature image for the post. It must be removed immediately.

Response back to me

It takes awhile for deletions to work their way through the existing web, but usually not more than half an hour or so. I’ll ask Patheos to monitor everything to make sure that is happening.

I appreciate your graciousness and will try to emulate it.

The Equality Act, which just passed the House and goes to the Senate, extends the Civil Rights anti-discrimination laws to sexual orientation and gender […]

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