Photo Friday: Be Safe, Washington, DC USA

Photo Friday: Be Safe, Washington, DC USA

Photo Friday: Be Safe, Washington, DC USA
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This week’s photograph was taken on iconic U Street, NW, home to many revolutions that shaped our nation and world, from African American civil rights to LGBTQ equality.

Now, Nellie’s Sports Bar sends a message of safety.

If there’s any doubt of the significance of this corner, see this blog post, and excuse the very amateur photo-compositing.

The building that Nellie’s is in was formerly Addison and Robert Scurlock’s photographic studio, famous in its own right for capturing African-American society in Washington, DC. This is in addition to capturing the images of 1968’s unrest with what I see as exceptional courage.

A Scurlock camera was “present at almost every significant event in the African-American community,” recalls former D.C. Councilwoman Charlene Drew Jarvis, whose father, Howard University physician Charles Drew, was a Scurlock subject many timesSee: The Scurlock Studio: Picture of Prosperity | Smithsonian Magazine

Be safe. We’re saving this corner and all of our nation’s capital.

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