Thanks for Publishing my Photo, in “Is Weight Loss on Ketosis Sustainable?” | (This one has facts in it)

2018.07.22 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 05159
2018.07.22 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 05159 (View on

Thank you for using yet another photograph as the thumbnail/opener for this video, Nutrition Facts (TW:Nutrition_Facts).

About this photograph, I have to say, wow, it was part of a great moment for me, because it was

  • Real food, not CRAP – Calorie Rich and Processed Foods – we both agree this is bad!
  • My dinner for the evening, and it’s true, I wasn’t hungry after
  • Cooked by people who have achieved metabolic health
  • Shared with inpiring humans, who can (and do) teach doctors a lot about being better for the people they serve
  • Shared with incredible doctors, too

Excuse the hard light and shallow depth of field – I was using a fancy camera in a low light / hard light situation.

That’s pulled pork, which is also NOVA Classification Group 1: Unprocessed or minimally processed food(s). The sausage is NOVA Classification group 3: Processed foods. Group 4 is ultra-processed foods – see this post for photos of Group 4 foods (which are plant based…)

I was with Brenda Zorn (@ZornFast), Kim Howerton (@TheKetonist), and Eric Westman, MD (@DrEricWestman), among others:

2018.07.22 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 05164
2018.07.22 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 05164 (View on

They are pioneers, patient teachers (and teachers who are patients 🙂 ), and their stories remind me of the reason I came to medicine:

2018.07.22 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 05170
2018.07.22 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 05170 (View on

As far as I can tell, we’re all maintaining our weight on our real-food low-carbohydrate diets. I’m a formerly fat person so I have that experience as well.

Facts, they are present in this video

I reviewed the video and the transcript and my impressions are

Standard American DietStandard American Diet (SAD) – yes, it’s CRAP – Calorie Rich and Processed Foods – Source: USDA ERS – A Look at Calorie Sources in the American Diet
  • I recognize some facts
    • Despite the cherry picked references which are endemic in these formats, the points made about using isocaloric diets in research corroborate the data I’ve seen
    • Agreed that studies that move people from highly processed to unprocessed, real foods tend to show improvement, plant based or plant free. This is a huge problem in nutrition research.
    • Anything is better than the standard American diet (SAD)

More cognitive dissonance – telling people what not to eat, forgetting that they will eat something in its place

I see a link to a video cautioning against eating too much soy, as well as an animation showing virtually all food choices removed from the standard American diet. This gets us back to a big problem – people ultimately will eat something. That’s sort of required….

I actually use the photo above in a montage to elucidate how much better a meal like this is than the meals that health professionals and climate change experts serve themselves at their own meetings. Take a look:

2018.07.25 Low Carbon and Low Carbohydrate 485
2018.07.25 Low Carbon and Low Carbohydrate 485 (View on

Yes, CRAP. Note: these “replacements” are all plant-based.

Plant-based does not have to be unhealthy (and neither does animal-sourced). These versions of it are, and sadly, they are the ones I see the most of in these settings.

2019.06.27 Low Carb and Low Carbon, Washington DC USA 1780005
2019.06.27 Low Carb and Low Carbon, Washington DC USA 1780005 (View on

Your Readers – Now they’re confused

  • The tone and tenor of this one isn’t as negative as the other ones
  • The comments also belie the false dichotomy of this series, that a very-low-carbohydrate diet is the opposite of plant-based one (it’s not).
    • The question that keeps getting asked is not responded to – “Can a plant based diet be low carbohydrate?” – it’s asked again, and again, and again (answer is yes)
  • Your readers are now confused

I thought Dr Greger said in a previous video that keto diets are bad, the example he used was about the man who went on one and then he had a heart attack.

Why is there contradictory information I don’t know what’s healthy or not.

Thank you for the platform

I’m still working on food photography – I could not have predicted that a/the platform for sharing my work would be If they help humanize the drive to achieve and maintain metabolic health for all people, I’m in support, and I celebrate all people who are finding their way to a long health span and life span.

Enjoy the photo. There are more coming, and I still ask the question, “We’re in the era of diabetes reversal, why don’t more doctors know?”

Might the appetite-suppressing effects of ketosis improve dietary compliance?

Source: Is Weight Loss on Ketosis Sustainable? |

Ted Eytan, MD