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2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04914
2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04914 (View on

Thank you for using my photograph as the thumbnail/opener for this video, Nutrition Facts (TW:Nutrition_Facts).

About this photograph, I have to say it was an incredible meal because it

  • included real rood
  • was cooked by people who have achieved metabolic health
  • was shared with board certified family medicine specialist physicians ( I am one too 🙂 ) and citizen scientists of a caliber I hope every doctor and nurse get to interact with in their lifetime.
2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04928
Ted Eytan, MD, MS, MPH, Ken Berry, MD, Jeffrey Gerber, MD – 2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04928 (View on

I’m with Ken Berry, MD (@KenDBerryMD) and Jeffrey Gerber (@JeffreyGerberMD) above. The thing about both of these, and the overwhelming majority of the physicians in this movement who I meet, is that they are fact-based. They have to be to endure what they do. In this photo we were discussing the persecution and academic bullying of Dr. Tim Noakes, who was cleared after a lengthy trial. This is the heritage of innovation, and we gladly sign up.

Dave Feldman (@DaveKeto) and Siobhan Huggins (@siobhan_huggins) are with me during this meal in the photograph below. If there is anything physicians should learn from the ethical crises of the 20th Century, it’s that denying the people we serve access to information or the ability to control their health and life destiny has a success rate of 0%. The converse, sharing information and respecting their contributions to their own health and the health of others – much closer to 100%.

2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04918
2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04918 (View on

Dave’s ever present scale also made it into the shot, because, he’s an engineer and interested in facts.

As far as I can tell, we’re all maintaining our weight on our real-food low-carbohydrate diets. I’m a formerly fat person so I have that experience as well.

2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04916
2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04916 (View on

That’s pulled pork, which is also NOVA Classification Group 1: Unprocessed or minimally processed food(s). See this post for photos of Group 4 foods (which are plant based…)

Do people want physicians to engage in a diet war, or a health peace?

I reviewed the transcript of the video and my reactions are

  • Where did the facts go? I didn’t see/hear them 🙂
  • A pilot study of 12 participants, where reported vastus lateralis changes were not even statistically significant? c’mon… 😛 Try this study instead. Again, facts…
  • I’m concerned about the tone and tenor & accompanying hashtags which do not appear empathetic or pro-human, which seems to permeate these pieces, and is reflected in the pushback from the comments attached to the video.
  • The comments also belie the false dichotomy of this series, that a very-low-carbohydrate diet is the opposite of plant-based one (it’s not).
    • If I perceive the use of one of my photos is frankly anti-human or denigrating, I’ll terminate the license to use the photo (I have done this several times for other outlets). I would say this is on the line because it illustrates non-factual information – if others have opinions on this, I’d be happy to hear them.

Yes! Dr. Greger BURNING the opposition. 🙂

The opposition?” Sounds like tribalism.

All of that said, I do appreciate videos like the below, which address a significant problem of conflict of interest in the nutrition space:

See: Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Conflicts of Interest |

As of late I have been working on food photography, so good to see how one of my images would be selected. This was an outdoor shot using a rented fancy camera, I’m pleased how it turned out, visually and physically.

Enjoy the photo. There are more coming, and I still ask the question, “We’re in the era of diabetes reversal, why don’t more doctors know?”

Do low-carb and ketogenic diets have a metabolic advantage for weight loss?

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