Thanks for Publishing my Photo, in Is Keto an Effective Cancer-Fighting Diet? | (where did the facts go?)

2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04999
2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04999 (View on

Thank you for using my photograph as the thumbnail/opener for this video, Nutrition Facts (TW:Nutrition_Facts).

This is a photograph of a meal that I ate, served at the RD86 space (IG:rd86space) in New London, Connecticut, at Ketofest 2018. The meal is actually special because of who I shared it with, Nina Teicholz (@BigFatSurprise) and Richard Feinman (@DrFeinman), as well as Carl Franklin (@CarlFranklin), one of Ketofest’s hosts.

2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04994
2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 04994 (View on
2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 05003
2018.07.21 Ketofest, New London, CT, USA 05003 (View on

The hamburger, by the way, would be NOVA Food Group Classification 1: Unprocessed or minimally processed. I was not yet wearing a continuous glucose monitor at that time, however subsequent use of one has shown that a meal like this results in no increase in blood sugar, as predicted.

Do people want physicians to engage in a diet war, or a health peace?

I reviewed the video and my reactions are

  • Where did the facts go? I didn’t see/hear them 🙂
  • I’m concerned about the tone and tenor & accompanying hashtags which do not appear empathetic or pro-human, inclduing things like analogies to World War II German dictators. I don’t know where that fits into a scientific discourse.
    • If I perceive the use of one of my photos is frankly anti-human or denigrating, I’ll terminate the license to use the photo (I have done this several times for other outlets). I would say this is on the line but doesn’t cross it – if others have opinions on this, I’d be happy to hear them.
  • I agree with the pushback from the commenters on the video, which is that a platform like this should be used to promote the benefits/virtues of a whole foods, plant based lifestyle. I would think that’s a more authoritative place for this outlet to exist in/come from:

… I will stay your subscriber, but you definitely do a better job promoting veggies (and fruits) than criticizing different diet lifestyles…

All of that said, I do appreciate videos like this, which address a significant problem of conflict of interest in the nutrition space:

See: Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Conflicts of Interest |

I also got to meet the author of the video, Michael Gregor, MD, at the recent USDA Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Meeting in Washington, DC, and appreciated his commentary regarding reduction of ultra-processed foods in the Standard American Diet (SAD).

As of late I have been working on food photography, so good to see how one of my images would be selected. This was an outdoor shot using a rented fancy camera, I’m pleased how it turned out, visually and physically.

Enjoy the photo. There are more coming, and I still ask the question, “We’re in the era of diabetes reversal, why don’t more doctors know?”

The clinical use of ketogenic diets for epilepsy and cancer: what does the science say?

Source: Is Keto an Effective Cancer-Fighting Diet? |

Ted Eytan, MD