The Spoonfuls don’t carry the American Heart Association seal; The Squarefuls do. 2nd Ingredient: Cane Sugar

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The American Heart Association operates a “Heart-Check Certification” program that evaluates foods for their heart healthiness, yet a walk through a grocery store today shows that the certification program includes ultra-processed foods with a high sugar content.

Pictured: “Barbara’s Multigrain Squarefuls,” #2 ingredient whole cane sugar, 47 grams of carbohydrate per serving. Confirmed that this product is still on the list as of August, 2019. A companion product, “Barbara’s Multigrain Spoonfuls,” is not AHA certified, even though it has less calories and less carbohydrates per serving (24 vs 47 grams).

Links: Updated monthly product list, American Heart Association

Photos of cereals are below.

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The Spoonfuls don’t carry the @American_Heart seal. The Squarefuls do, even though they’re higher calorie and 2nd ingredient is cane sugar. They are also labeled #vegan. We’re in the era of #DiabetesReversal, why don’t more doctors know? Larger images and references: #GroceryStorePhotography #DataOverDogma #LCHF #RealFood #FoodNotPharma #FatAdapted #DiabetesPrevention #MetabolicHealth #Yes2Meat #OnePlanet #LowCarbon #FamilyMedicine #Science Washington, DC USA

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