Continued Adventures in Metabolic Health and Diabetes Reversal, a Health Peace, not a Diet War, LowCarbDenver 2019

2019.03.10 Low Carb Denver, Denver, CO, USA 7528
2019.03.10 Low Carb Denver, Denver, CO, USA 7528 (View on

If you would have told me in medical school, “One day you are going to meet people who have reversed their diabetes,” I wouldn’t have believed you. If you would have added, “Many of their doctors won’t believe or support them,” that part I might have believed.

And yet, here we are.

It is said that the LGBTQ rights movement is the most successful social movement of our time – at meetings on social movements, the rooms with LGBTQ humans are the ones most crowded with people who want to learn “how” – and I see many of the same elements here. Elements in the way the medical profession reacts (rather than responding) to innovation, diversity, authenticity, elements in the way the science is advancing and experience is spreading at an impressive rate.

I wrote a post about the similarities previously (Why Doctors should meet patients (and each other) where they are: My intersection of #LGBTQ , #LCHF, and #LetPatientsHelp)

Citizen science continues to transform our understanding of human metabolism

If you would have told me in medical school that low density lipoprotein (aka “bad cholesterol”) is a dynamically changing, multi-functional molecule, I wouldn’t have believed you. Now, it’s very hard to refute what’s being demonstrated by people with a desire to know, and the resources to know it.

There isn’t a diet war, it’s a health peace

I still love spending time with people in control of their health and life destiny

More photographs below, enjoy.

Ted Eytan, MD