Low-Carbohydrate, Healthy Fat Peanut Butter Cookies

2018.12.30 Low Carbohydrate Cookies, Rehoboth Beach DE, USA 09394
2018.12.30 Low Carbohydrate Cookies, Rehoboth Beach DE, USA 09394 (View on Flickr.com)

Recipe time!

This one is for cookies with 4 ingredients (well, 5, I added low-carbohydrate chocolate chips)

Like the other recipes, the features that make this one more compatible with metabolic health are:

  • No added sugar
  • No grains (whole or refined)
  • No added industrial bean/seed vegetable oils

And by the way, since it’s estimated that only 12% of Americans are in a metabolically healthy state (see: Just Read: Prevalence of Optimal Metabolic Health in American Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2009–2016 (Are you in the 12%? here’s how I am), we can all use assistance getting there…

A note about carbohydrate load with this recipe

Peanuts (technically a legume, not a nut) are a mid- to higher- carbohydrate nut/legume. The low-carbohydrate chocolate chips also have carbohydrates in them (they are not zero-carbohydrate), so as with these recipes, tailor to your desired insulin response.

Link to the recipe

See: Low Carbohydrate Peanut Butter Cookies

Reminder that the link is not an endorsement of another site, and my disclosures page is the other reminder that conflict-free is the way to be.

Why I’m doing this

I never envisioned having a recipes section on my blog. However, I keep finding healthy recipe blogs that have recipes that are anything but healthy, and possibly quite harmful to people with insulin resistance (55% of the population of California at this point and getting worse). Like many of the things I do, I do them because it’s the way it has to be.

Questions or comments are welcomed in the comments, of course 🙂 .


Dave, healthy food is a fling for a lifetime in my opinion – a cathartic way to undo what was done with faulty food advice given to us…. ✌️

Last night I made these AND another batch of the pumpkin muffins. So far none of these has tasted as expected – even the peanut butter cookies (98% peanut butter) don’t taste like peanut butter cookies! But I’m guessing that’s because my ingredients are quite different than I’m accustomed to.

I’m certainly enjoying eating them all. Gonna pick another one for tonight. Baking? Brussels sprouts? We’ll see.

p.s. Used almost every bowl and measuring cup in the house – a new kind of proud of myself was getting everything into the dishwasher.

Enjoyment is key, and what are peanut butter cookies supposed to like? Food for thought, have fun, in metabolic health!

Ted Eytan, MD