Thanks for Publishing my Photograph, in Remembering Trans Lives – The Buchtelite

2017.03.15 #ProtectTransWomen Day of Action, Washington, DC USA 01439
2017.03.15 #ProtectTransWomen Day of Action, Washington, DC USA 01439 (View on

Thanks for publishing my photo, @Buchtelite (at the University of Akron).

I support college journalism and humans from the future who are changing everything. Another reason I love this century.

To commemorate trans lives, The Buchtelite would like to pay respect to the Ohioans that have lost their lives to anti-trans violence. Below is a list of some trans individuals who have died within the past few years. This is by no means a complete list, as LGBTQ hate crimes often go unreported. If you know a person who lost their life due to anti-trans violence and would like them to be added to this list, please contact [email protected].
Betty Skinner, 52, Cleveland
Bri Golec, 22, Akron
Brittany-Nicole Kidd-Stergis, 22, Cleveland
Cernia Dove, 20, Cleveland
Jojo Striker, 23, Toledo
Keisha Wells, 54, Cleveland
Kendall Hampton, 26, Cincinnati
Phylicia Mitchell, 45, Cleveland
Tiffany Edwards, 28, Walnut Hills

Source: Remembering Trans Lives – The Buchtelite

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