Yes she did lose 30 pounds and reverse her prediabetes with an LCHF diet – My second appearance on the Healthcare is HILARIOUS Podcast: Keto me to end pre-diabetes? Why YES PLEASE 

I don’t know how this happens – I guess the news just builds up and I’m compelled to ask to be on Casey Quinlan’s (@MightyCasey) podcast 🙂 .

This time I couldn’t resist.

Huge News

She informed me that she’s dropped 30 pounds and reversed her prediabetes. With diet (Low carbohydrate, healthy fat to be precise, or #LCHF). Without medications. She may require less medications (I’ll leave that to Casey and her doctor to manage).

You can hear me on the ‘cast barely able to maintain my excitement. As well as the melancholy that she survived cancer, but could have instead died from diabetes and its complications (heart disease, stroke, etc etc) because her diet was conspiring to keep her prediabetes in motion. That appears to be over now.

I believe this photo was taken around the time I first mentioned the idea of pursuing an LCHF diet to Casey

Take a listen, and check out the show notes, where she’s included her actual lab values (she’s allowed to, she’s an empowered, participatory human).

Also noting: Casey is an excellent editor – you’ll begin the ‘cast with a midstream discussion about a health care system that is not named (and isn’t one I’m affiliated with) that has physicians who are national leaders in metabolic health, while their health education departments are publishing outdated guidelines. The intent is not to call out any specific health system, this is a common occurence.

Official Post from Mighty Casey: I talked with family medicine doc and total-health-for-all maven Ted Eytan back in June. This is an update, with some of my personal story on getting off the pre-diabetes bus without “medical intervention.”Tales of the tape, er, blood work!PURE study  – The LancetSalt study  – The LancetFollow Ted oSource: Keto me to end pre-diabetes? Why YES PLEASE (with Ted Eytan MD) | Mighty Casey on Patreon

A reminder, this is where we’ve come from as a country:

2018.10.24 Low Carb and Low Carbon 570
2018.10.24 Low Carb and Low Carbon 570 (View on

This is where we’re going:

2018.10.24 Low Carb and Low Carbon 571
2018.10.24 Low Carb and Low Carbon 571 (View on

And this is where we’re at:

2018.05 Low Carb and Low Carbon Presentation Slides 417
2018.05 Low Carb and Low Carbon Presentation Slides 417 (View on

50% of people with Prediabetes will progress to diabetes. It doesn’t have to go that way. Listen to Casey’s story and see what you think.

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