Photo Friday: Narrative Art and Exploding Myths in the era of Diabetes Reversal

2018.08.01 Grass-Fed Beef, Sous-Vide Technique, Washington, DC USA 05385
2018.08.01 Grass-Fed Beef, Sous-Vide Technique, Washington, DC USA 05385 (View on

I’ve discovered that what I do has a name – “Narrative Art” (thank you George Lucas)

Every photo tells a story, I’ve been asked to tell this one (just this once…)

There doesn’t seem to be an enormous mea culpa from the scientific community that we got it wrongFiona Godlee, Editor in Chief, The BMJ, June 15, 2018, #Food4Thought18

  1. This photograph is about exploding myths
  2. Yes it is animal sourced, grass-fed 🥩 – real food, glycemic index = 0
  3. Cooked using the Sous-Vide technique
  4. I’m here not to be plant-based or plant-free, to be chronic-illness free (or maybe “life-full”)
  5. This is not about telling people what to eat, it’s the opposite. There are many options to prevent or reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, CVD with food. What we’re often presented with is the absence of them, which is not what I consider meeting people where they are (see: Why Doctors should meet patients (and each other) where they are: My intersection of #LGBTQ , #LCHF, and #LetPatientsHelp)
  6. Steak has more unsaturated fat than saturated fat (70% unsaturated per 100g), comparable to salmon (76% unsaturated per 100g) + most of the saturated fat in the American diet comes from processed food.
  7. A linkage between saturated fat and CVD does not exist. The ability to reverse diabetes does exist. Watch below as international experts both confirm this and lament our inability to admit it (quote above)
  8. I’m practicing food photography

Thank you to the people taking control of their health and life destinies for asking the questions that get us these answers, in this case Richard Morris (@2KetoDudes)

The biggest conflict of interest is your own belief systemSalim Yusuf, Distinguished University Professor of Medicine, McMaster University

Hope that helps, future photos will need to tell the story by themselves 🙂

Ted Eytan, MD