Thanks for Publishing my Photo of Troye Sivan at Capital Pride, Washington, DC, in film over homogenezing ‘Boy Erased’ vanaf 14 november in België – Be Out

2018.06.10 Troye Sivan at Capital Pride w Sony A7III, Washington, DC USA 03457
2018.06.10 Troye Sivan at Capital Pride w Sony A7III, Washington, DC USA 03457 (View on

Thank you for publishing my photo of international pop star @TroyeSivan, @BeOutBe, about the upcoming movie @BoyErased, a film about gay conversion therapy.


On November 14, ‘ Boy Erased ‘ will be released, a film about homogenization or conversion therapy . One of the supporting roles is for Troye Sivan , who speaks American English for the occasion.

The photograph was taken at 2018’s Capital Pride (@CapitalPrideDC) celebration in Washington, DC (of course), where Troye performed and also shared his personal coming out story with his family on stage.

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Even those who have the most fame and fortune have the inexorable drive to live as themselves; it’s a feature of humanity that’s unstoppable.

Conversion Therapy Universally Opposed by the Health Professions

There is absolute certainty among the combined health professions that conversion therapy is condemned as an intervention for those who are LGBTQ.

Our AMA: (a) believes that the physician’s nonjudgmental recognition of patients’ sexual orientations, sexual behaviors, and gender identities enhances the ability to render optimal patient care in health as well as in illness. In the case of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, and other (LGBTQ) patients, this recognition is especially important to address the specific health care needs of people who are or may be LGBTQ; (b) is committed to taking a leadership role in: (i) educating physicians on the current state of research in and knowledge of LGBTQ Health and the need to elicit relevant gender and sexuality information from our patients; these efforts should start in medical school, but must also be a part of continuing medical education; (ii) educating physicians to recognize the physical and psychological needs of LGBTQ patients; (iii) encouraging the development of educational programs in LGBTQ Health; (iv) encouraging physicians to seek out local or national experts in the health care needs of LGBTQ people so that all physicians will achieve a better understanding of the medical needs of these populations; and (v) working with LGBTQ communities to offer physicians the opportunity to better understand the medical needs of LGBTQ patients; and (c) opposes, the use of “reparative” or “conversion” therapy for sexual orientation or gender identity.PolicyFinder – American Medical Association, United States

Trailer for the film is below:

Op 14 november komt ‘Boy Erased’ uit, een film over homogenezing of conversietherapie. Een van de bijrollen is voor Troye Sivan, die voor de gelegenheid Amerikaans Engels spreekt.

Source: VIDEO | Troye Sivan in film over homogenezing ‘Boy Erased’ vanaf 14 november in België – Be Out


Ted Eytan, MD