Innovation Learning Network 2018 and Business Model Innovation #ILN18, Charlotte, NC, USA

2018.05.12 ILN18, Charlotte, NC USA 01934
2018.05.12 ILN18, Charlotte, NC USA 01934 (View on

The thing about the camera is that it comes out when it wants to, and interestingly, it came out a lot during meals and in front of restrooms this year at Innovation Learning Network #ILN18 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I’ve lost count of how many ILN In Person meetings I have been to. They are useful because of the content and also because of who’s here and how the experience is created. These are probably the most human-centered events I have ever been to. Our organizers are innovative, respectful, and introspective.

A few of our emeritus leaders were not present, like @DrLyleMD, so I pitched in on the secret doctor meeting that we have at every event:

2018.05.12 ILN18, Charlotte, NC USA 01944
2018.05.12 ILN18, Charlotte, NC USA 01944 (View on

Regarding the Food, Restrooms, and Business Models

All were curated expertly, in partnership with the awesome Cynthia Bazan (@CynBazWash), who doesn’t hesitate to push, then shred, and possibly macerate and then vaporize the envelope with me.

Photos of the food and restrooms because here, nearly at the end of the decade of the patient, we are in the middle of something of a revolution. The interpretation of the science around what is healthy for humans is changing. I found among my colleagues at this ILN more of an interest (commensurate with my learning from a year ago) in:

  • moving away from “diabetes progression” to “diabetes reversal”
  • gendered to all gender

There are completely different ways to be in health care with these changing assumptions, and with 100% certainty, a world that is learning to ❤️ better.

The food photos are just the foreshadowing 🙂 .

Ted Eytan, MD