Thanks for publishing my Photo, for the upcoming talks, & the haunting image of housing inequality – D.C. Policy Center

2016.08.19 H Street NE Washington DC USA 07499
2016.08.19 H Street NE Washington DC USA 07499 (View on

Thanks again @DCPolicyCenter for using one of my photographs in this article about upcoming talks being given in Washington, DC by Executive Director Yesim Sayin Tayor (@Yesimsy).

As I write this, there is only one more talk on the list. I caught the May 3rd talk yesterday at the John Wilson building, which provided this haunting image of housing segretation in our nation’s capital:

Family Housing Affordability - Washington, DC

See this article to read the report: Taking Stock of the District’s Housing Stock: Capacity, Affordability, and Pressures on Family Housing – D.C. Policy Center

The photograph above, by the way, is from the H Street, NE neighborhood in Washington, DC, which, like the rest of the city is undergoing the tremendous change that comes from 120,000 new residents in the last 10 years.

Taylor added yesterday that the net migration in and out of the city during this period has been over 1,000,000 people.

Many thanks for being here, DC Policy Center, and continuing to teach me more in the learning lab for society that our nation’s capital is.

You can learn more about H Street NE here:

Thanks for publishing my photos – H Street Corridor: From New West to Old East

Upcoming talks in April and May – D.C. Policy Center

Source: Upcoming talks in April and May – D.C. Policy Center

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