Thanks for Publishing my Photo, in Transgender Patients and True Patient-Centered Care –

2017.03.15-#ProtectTransWomen Day of Action, Washington, DC USA 01495
2017.03.15 #ProtectTransWomen Day of Action, Washington, DC USA 01495 (View on

Thanks for publishing my photograph, in this piece by Susan Carr (@SusanCarr) for @EngagingPatient.

The photograph was taken a year ago in downtown Washington, DC, at a gathering for people working to #ProtectTransWomen, who we now know are the almost exclusive targets of violence compared to their transgender man peers (see: Just Read: Transgender Women of Color are Murdered Much More Often – American Journal of Public Health.

I am always thankful when my photographs are used to illustrate examples of a world learning to ❤️ better. And the world is, just take a look at this @Ipsos poll that shows it.

It’s worth noting that at the same time my photographs are being used (over 99.9% of the time) to help the world, there’s still the occasion when a publication uses one of my photos for the opposite. That happened this week. In those cases, I terminate their license to use. And so interestingly, they remove the photos, politely, and without incident. It’s like they know what respect is, which is another sign that the world is learning to ❤️ better.

To provide transgender patients with safe and effective care, clinicians should avoid making assumptions and practice patient-centered care.


Ted Eytan, MD