Thanks for Publishing my Photo, in How Far We’ve Come, How Far We Must Go Since MLK’s Death 50 Year Ago | South Seattle Emerald

MLK Memorial 5119
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Thank you for publishing my photograph, @SoSeaEmerald.

It was taken in 2011, shortly after the MLK memorial opened in Washington, DC ( a few cameras ago… )

This quote from the piece rang true for me, as I walked alongside the #MLK50 march in Washington, DC, through the U street neighborhood, formerly ravaged by riots, now rebuilding. I noticed, and spoke with people along the route that I hadn’t before, people who still need basics, even in our nation’s capital.

In the last speech he would ever give, Dr. King maintained, “I’ve seen the Promised Land.” Some folks believe Dr. King was talking about heaven; others believe he was talking about the here and now. It seems that both could be true. However, more of us, far more than 63,000, 000 have to admit that Dr. King’s dream, like the promissory note, can become a reality and here. It is for a great many. But believing and admitting as we luxuriate in our comfort does not help the millions who need the basics nor those clinging to the little they have. We have to work steadily so that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not merely nice sounding phrases but a reality. We can make it happen.

MLK Memorial 5125
MLK Memorial 5125 (View on

by Georgia McDade April 4, 1968… I was alone in my dormitory room at Atlanta University in Georgia when I heard over the radio that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had been shot and killed.  I immedia…

Source: How Far We’ve Come, How Far We Must Go Since MLK’s Death 50 Year Ago | South Seattle Emerald

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