Thanks for Using my Photo, in AMERICAN SUN – Beyond the End of the Gun on Vimeo

via Larry Pegg (@lpgrooves), who produced this video as a tribute to the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr., from the perspective of a father who has lost a daughter.

Released on the 50th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King, “American Sun” honours the young people rising up in the “March for Our Lives” movement. The video supports their message that questions the horror and sadness that American gun culture has brought to Americans of all persuasions. On March 24th these young people sent a strong message about this gun culture and the courageous young leaders of this movement spoke to how it has affected young and old, black, white and all races, rich or poor. MLK’s grand daughter spoke too. Like her grandfather, she has dreams, hers are of an America and a world without guns and she wore a beautiful, hopeful smile as the crowd roared in support. American Sun echoes MLK’s truth about the root causes of a violent American culture. He did not shy away from this and neither does the music. American Sun ultimately looks forward to the day that America grows beyond it’s obsession with guns and embraces it’s better angels.

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