Photos: March for Our Lives, Washington, DC USA & What Our Generation of Physicians Know: Invisibility is so 20th Century

2018.03.24 March for Our Lives, Washington, DC USA 00847
2018.03.24 March for Our Lives, Washington, DC USA 00847 (View on

I spent much of my time at the Gays Against Guns (@GaysXGunsDC) plaza, created out of the now barren Pershing Square Park (but one day to be refurbished?).

In the words of Topher Hoffman (@topherhoff)

Jaime Guttenberg was 14 years old when she was gunned down while at school in Parkland, FL….I represented her spirit during March for our Lives.
This was my first time serving as a Gays Against Guns #HumanBeing, where I represented the spirit of a gun violence victim. Dressed in all white and covered by a white veil, the #HumanBeings remain entirely silent as they memorialize people who have too soon lost their own lives due to the public health crisis that is gun violence in the US.

This is a highly meditative experience. After our 45-minute procession yesterday, all of the Human Beings (representing Parkland and Sandy Hook victims in this action) stood silently around the memorial to trans and other queer victims of violence that we erected for the day. I cried silently. In a way, the spirits of the dead were with us.

As I wrote here previously, the signs in this century are everywhere that Visibility is Life (Photo Friday: Silence = Death, Visibility = Life, Washington, DC USA). Our generation of physicians was trained in the era of invisibility, and once you see it, there’s no going back.

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Ted Eytan, MD