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2013 Capital Pride - Kaiser Permanente Silver Sponsor 25789
2013 Capital Pride – Kaiser Permanente Silver Sponsor 25789 (View on

Thanks for publishing my photo as the cover for this series of articles on Branding Social Justice, Media Res (twitter:mc_imr).

The photograph was taken 5 years ago at Capital Pride, in Washington, DC. That year was also my first as a volunteer (now a member of the producer team) for Capital TransPride (@TransPrideDC).

I was actually at one of our planning meetings last evening – this is my 6th and I still enjoy the people and promise of a healthy future for all people.

With regard to the subject matter in the articles, I agree with the first one (the only one posted so far) that great care must be taken in applying brand to something so important and sensitive as human control over their destiny.

This is the theme for 2018, by the way. We are all a part of this community, working to be allies, as our authentic selves. I ❤️ this century.

#AsDCGoesSoGoesTheNation #ElementsOfUs #ElementsOfTheFuture @capitaltranspride @capitalpridedc #TransVisibility #EqualityEqualsHealth #DC #LGBTQ 😀️‍🌈 All we need is an actual #unicode emoji for the #transgender pride flag. #CTP18 Is May 1 (View on

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