Photos: The E word (engagement) and what taking control of your metabolic health looks like

2018.03.01 Low Carb Breckenridge LCB18, Breckenridge, CO USA 3637
2018.03.01 Low Carb Breckenridge LCB18, Breckenridge, CO USA 3637 (View on

These photographs are taken at Low Carb Breckenridge #LCB18 in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA (of course). As part of this fully accredited continuing medical education program, I was invited to enjoy a feast with other attendees.

The E word – engagement

I often hear this term in somewhat of a derisive way when the concept of “patient engagement” is discussed. It’s a reference to patients not taking control of their health, suffering from lifestyle-related illnesses, and at some level the medicalization of a perceived lack of willpower on the part of the people we serve. If they were only adherent, the narrative goes…

The two facts about control and engagement

As I have been trained:

  • Patients choose whether to follow the advice of health professionals
  • Every performance metric applied to physicians is dependent on the action of their patients

Taking control

What I observed this evening was people fully engaged in leveraging science, creating beautiful meals full of creativity, and continuing their journeys to diabetes reversal and metabolic health, with biomarkers to prove it. The enthusiasm to share progress and strive to do better for a person’s health, the people who love them, and their communities is something that every medical professional should enjoy seeing in their lifetime.

Someone once said to me that a specific dietary approach seemed restrictive and boring.

My response to that is that metabolic health is very exciting 🙂 .

Enjoy the photos, thanks for the inspiration.


Ted Eytan, MD