Photo Friday: The future is Low Carb, Low Carbon, LGBTQ, Washington, DC USA

2018.01.11 DC People and Places 2112
2018.01.11 DC People and Places 2112 (View on

Being #carfreeDC along with 38% of the other households in Washington, DC, and the city with the 3rd highest percentage of people who bike to work has its advantages. Isn’t Washington, DC beautiful?

Speaking of the title, I am getting ready to do something I’ve never done before, which is post some of my personal health data. It’s for a specific reason. Hint: #RethinkLDL .

Below are a few more photos I’ve taken on my walking commutes recently. Enjoy.


Really nice shots! Also, Judy and I are really happy to bike commute on the Cresent Trail. But, IT”S COLD! We have not I am proud of DC being number 3 in the country. I wonder what we would be in Europe? Number 800? I really don’t know at all. It’s just a hunch. I love your call out declaration about the future. There is more and more out about the value of keto, the value of pasture raised/grass fed beef and dairy, the end of rejecting people for being themselves. All the things I think about bike commuting in beautiful Washington DC

Ted Eytan, MD