November 2017, What Am I Doing Now?

This is my November Now Update based on a movement created by Derek Sivers

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2017.11.26 Carter G. Woodson National Historic Site, Washington, DC USA 0848
2017.11.26 Carter G. Woodson National Historic Site, Washington, DC USA 0848 “The house at No. 1538 Ninth Street NW was the home, office, and workplace of Carter Godwin Woodson (1875-1950)—the “Father of Black History”—for nearly three decades during the most significant years of his life as a pioneering historian of African-American social and cultural history.” – Library of Congress (View on

Greetings from Washington, DC (of course) and welcome to my seventh now update. I’m calling it November so that I will challenge myself to do a December update.

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  • Continuing the deep dive into nutrition, when I learned about the publication of Tim Noakes (@ProfTimNoakes) and Marika Sboros (@MarikaSboros) book: (Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs) I moved all the other books on my list aside. Every physician, myself included, has endured professional bullying in their lifetimes. From my read so far, Noakes’ experience being bullied has been taken to a whole new level. Important reading for anyone who has ever sought to change everything (who, us?)
  • Ongoing study of digital engagement in the 21st century. Interestingly, the Noakes’ book touches on what’s happening with regard to health knowledge, I am working and learning in a very complementary part of the field.
  • Also related to leadership, enjoying learning the lessons of leaders who lead in a world that doesn’t want them to. The long awaited renovation of the Carter G. Woodson House was great to see, the all gender restroom contained within (and the rainbow flag on the establishment next door) says how much the world has learned to ❤️ better. I’ll post about what I learned, in the meantime, here are the photos.

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Until next month.

Ted Eytan, MD