Thanks for publishing my photo & for the value of social media – Sustainable DC plan – Greater Greater Washington

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Thanks for publishing my photograph, @ggwash, and for the other benefit of social media – when it works for you rather than the other way around 🙂 .

The photograph was taken in 2013, several cameras ago and several large developments ago, in this part of Mt. Vernon Square.

In addition to being the most inclusive city in the world, Washington, DC is also one of the greenest in the United States. I posted about the Sustainable DC (@SustainDC) plan before (Now Reading: The Sustainable DC Plan) and how much citizen involvement it contained. And now it’s time for version 2.0.

When I read plan version 1.0 I was wondering how I might be one of those citizens, and now I know.

Make your voice heard at one of the city’s Sustainable DC Plan working groups, learn about urban farming and resilience in cities, discuss the 11th Street bridge to Anacostia, and more! Source: Events: You can help make DC more sustainable – Greater Greater Washington

Ted Eytan, MD