More Scenes from the Future: #SMYALbrunch 2017

2017.11.05 #SMYALbrunch Washington, DC USA 0360
2017.11.05 #SMYALbrunch Washington, DC USA 0360 (View on

Congratulations, again, to Gavin Grimm (@GavinGrimmVA) for receipt of the Community Advocate Award. It’s always great to spend time in and with the future, which is created every day in front of our eyes in Washington, DC, the most inclusive city in the world.

Isn’t this century great? 🙂 .

Additional photos below, all @CreativeCommons licensed.

Each fall SMYAL holds a brunch to celebrate another year of dynamic work in Washington, DC, and show support for our area’s LGBTQ youth. The Fall Brunch brings together LGBTQ and allied community members, friends, and families in support of the inspirational youth SMYAL works with every day.

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