Farewell, DCist (for now?)

Hello Kitty at Sunset 13020
Hello Kitty at Sunset 13020 (View on Flickr.com)

Like many others, I was disappointed to hear about the sudden shutdown of one of Washington, DC’s most important local news sources (@DCist) yesterday. The site and all of its archives have been replaced with a farewell letter, meaning that links back there will no longer function.

17th Street High Heel Race - Poster for Exposed DC 2014 38139
17th Street High Heel Race – Poster for Exposed DC 2014 38139 (View on Flickr.com)

DCist was a great way for people to be exposed to our city, and for people in our city to be exposed. It’s been a highlight of my time here to have one of my photographs selected for the annual Exposed competition.

I understand the reasons for the shutdown are complicated, business models are challenged in this environment, and a population that enjoys the benefits of the journalism without supporting its ability to exist can have results like this.

For me, the photographs are going to continue because Washington, DC is just too beautiful. Wishing all the best to the people behind DCist (and all the ists), with gratitude for connecting us to such a great place.

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Ted Eytan, MD