Photo Friday: Images of Gender Equity, Washington, DC USA (and beyond)

2017.10.28 DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 0216
2017.10.28 DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 0216 (View on
I’m not that smart and my ideas are not that unique, which is why I always carry a camera with me 🙂 .

This week’s photograph and related photos are from Washington, DC (of course) and beyond, regarding issues of gender equity that have come into view recently.

I have found that in working to be an ally for transgender people (and all LGBTQ communities) I receive the discrimination/anger directed at the people that I’m working to be an ally for. Ultimately, these are gifts. I wish these experiences on every doctor and nurse in their careers.

Questions I ask:

  • Beyond preaching what am I doing?
  • Beyond doing what am I tolerating?

2017.10.06 UltraViolet, the
It’s not what you do, it’s what you tolerate.
2017.10.06 UltraViolet, the “Access Hollywood” footage on a nonstop loop near the White House, Washington, DC USA 9347 (View on
I selected images that don’t need captions, click to enlarge, however, you can see those by going to this link and exploring further. Comments welcome. All photos Creative Commons licensed.

Ted Eytan, MD