Photo Friday: With the Spirits and the Ancestors – Washington, DC USA

2017.09.17 DC People and Places Washington, DC USA 8861
2017.09.17 DC People and Places Washington, DC USA 8861 (View on

This week’s photgraph was taken (obviously) on the National Mall, in front of the Washington Monument, on a day that I was renting a fancy camera to see what it could do (life is one big experiment).

In the end, I decided the camera wasn’t as fancy as others said it was; however, I was impressed when I developed the digital film that the scene that turned up was even more impressive than the one I saw with my eyes. Well, the one I saw with my eyes was pretty impressive, too 🙂

I call these series “With the Spirits and the Ancestors” because in this city, you can be literally anywhere and know that you’re walking the same paths of those who lived and worked in a world that didn’t want them to lead, and yet they did anyway. When they were asked why no one else was in the room with them as they led, as a famous story goes, they replied with a variation of, “I am here with the Spirits and the Ancestors, the others will come.” And they usually did.

And also Washington, DC is beautiful, don’t you agree? Enjoy.

Ted Eytan, MD